Parenting can be challenging.  My easy to use strategies will ease your struggles!
I will help you navigate the complexity of raising kids in the digital age.
During our coaching sessions, your child will receive their own myHeartyKid toy in the colors of their choice.
You, as a parent or mentor, will get 30 super informative and insightful minutes on how to help your child grow their inner LIKE button for long-lasting happiness.
My particular coaching brings your HeartyKids magic to life in your family.  
As a mom and a therapist, I created this program from both halves of my brain. My mom brain saw a girl that was suffering from overwhelming fear.  I saw an opportunity to help her heal. My therapist brain went into action and education mode. The result is an integrated, balanced program that taps into the practical elements needed for growth, while nurturing self-esteem and emotional security.
This program….
•helps kids connect to one another.
•improves lives and
•informs and teaches kids how to positively change their school experience.
•myHeartyKid toys feel great to hold
•Its pocket gives kids a safe place to hold notes of affirmations
The myHeartyKid program make Social Emotional Learning FUN!
myHeartyKid is the perfect gift for kids!
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Here’s how myHeartyKid came to be:
While in the first grade, my daughter’s good friend, Ella, felt afraid to raise her hand, and I wanted 
to help her feel BRAVE. I told her if she wrote down all the times she was courageous during the week, I would make her a surprise.
Poof! myHeartyKid was born.
myHeartyKid was so good at supporting Ella in her newfound courage that my own kids began asking for help from myHeartyKid to achieve their goals and dreams.
Over the following weeks and months, myHeartyKid grew from a single toy into a powerful tool for developing kids’ awareness of their inner feelings and manifesting positive self-love!
Thank you from the bottom of myHeart for your support!
Lisa – Chief Creative Officer
“I love that myHeartyKid makes so many other people feel good about themselves. I love being in the classroom and watching kids recognize the best things about themselves and each other. I love that my daughter has this incredible tool to comfort her when she is sad, give her strength when she is feeling insecure and inspire her to be who and what she wants to be despite her fears.
Oh what I would give to have had myHeartyKid in my nine-year-old life!”
Ann, mother of three children