About Lisa

When I was in the 4th grade my parents divorced.  I asked if I could see a therapist to better understand their divorce; they agreed.  In that protected space, I could swear. I could rage. I could hate, be angry and cry, and I could feel afraid in a very safe place. Dr. Covey, my therapist,  and I ate doughnuts and talked about everything….until her dog stood up.  Like a timer, her dog would stand at ten minutes to the hour indicating my session was over, and I knew my weekly haven was complete for that week.  I loved her.  She drove a lime green porsche and showed me true unconditional love.  I then started a  girls’ circle to pass on the love.  In Salt Lake City, Utah, where I grew up, the dominant culture/faith/religion was different than my own, and most of my friends followed stricter guidelines than I.  I decided to gather friends to provide a safe and fun place to say swear words. I chose recess as our meeting place.  We shouted, sang, and said all the bad swear words; I delighted in the circle and so did they.  We loved having a safe and fun place to freely express ourselves.

I was hooked.  My path was established: creating a safe place for people to express themselves.

Years later I saw my therapist at a party.  Although age had caught up with her, I immediately recognized her hands from having watched her smoke and eat doughnuts. I reintroduced myself and shared that I had just finished graduate school in psychology. I invited her to my graduation celebration.  Initially I did not know she had cataracts and could not see.  That evening, I ended up feeding her to ensure that her silk dress would not get stained!  What a lovely way to return the love.

Today I too am a therapist and I owe it to her, Dr. Covey, the doughnut-eating-cigarette-smoking wonderful woman I had the pleasure of knowing.

Thank you for reading this.

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