How to use myHeartyKid

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How to use myHeartyKid

At Home:

myHeartyKid is a fabulous way to teach children how to celebrate themselves and others. At home, a more harmonious dialogue between siblings and parents  open up. Self-awareness and self-esteem are nurtured as each child discovers their own voice. With myHeartyKid coaching, parents and kids learn to speak the same language around how these elements can bring more love and joy into the home.

Conflicts can be avoided and solved much more quickly when children learn from a young age to see themselves and those around them in the most beautiful light possible. myHeartyKid creates a safe and honest environment for kids to express their thoughts and emotions confidently, just as they are.

In the Classroom:

The classroom is often the first exposure that children have to a sense of community. This can be a scary time, as they first encounter many new ideas and personalities different than those they know at home. Such moments are fertile soil for the seeds of self-esteem to be cultivated. Education is changing its emphasis from extrinsically-focused rewards to intrinsically focused awareness. This is where myHeartykid steps in to work its magic.

A great and inspiring use of our program is to encourage children to communicate what is inherently wonderful about one another, illuminating positivity within themselves and their new found friends.

When we come into the classroom for a myHeartyKid day, one child stands in the front of the classroom and holds the HeartyKid toy as a symbol of love and comfort. His/her fellow classmates begin to list off all of the things they adore and appreciate about the Hearty Kid standing in front of them. Meanwhile, another student takes notes and writes down every attribute listed. The HeartyKid is then encouraged to read their list over a thousand times.

The child lives with this list forever, using at as a guide to create their own affirmations and intentions.

Education is changing its focus from extrinsic-focused rewards to intrinsically-focused awareness.  myHeartyKid is the perfect, playful toy to joyfully teach kids, teachers and adults the language of self love, affirmations and intention setting.

If you would like to purchase your own myHeartyKid – then you can do so and  when you buy a myHeartyKid toy, we give a FREE myHeartyKid and guidebook to a classroom.

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Want myHeartyKid in the classroom? Start with a downloadable ebook!  

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