How to use myHeartyKid

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How to use myHeartyKid at home:
myHeartyKid supports kids in becoming confident, compassionate, and magnificent human beings.
myHeartyKid, is a fabulous way to teach children how to celebrate themselves as well as others.  It guides kids toward a conversation of self-love and love for others; it is a joyful way for them to grow self confidence.
How to use myHeartyKid in the classroom:
A great and inspiring use of myHeartyKid is to encourage children to think of what is inherently wonderful about one another.  The other children can help illuminate positive ideas about one another.  
One child, whom we’ll call the HeartyKid, stands in front of the classroom and holds HeartyKid.  The other students list all of the things they love and adore and appreciate about the real, live HeartyKid standing in front of them.  The teacher writes down EVERYTHING said and encourages the HeartyKid to read it a thousand times.
The child lives with this list forever.
Education is changing its focus from extrinsic-focused rewards to intrinsically-focused awareness.  myHeartyKid is the perfect, playful toy to joyfully teach kids, teachers and adults the language of self love, affirmations and intention setting.
If you would like to purchase your own myHeartyKid – then you can do so and  when you buy a myHeartyKid toy, we give a FREE myHeartyKid and guidebook to a classroom.
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