The Story of myHeartyKid

Ella, today

The Story of myHeartyKid

In kindergarten, my daughter had a good friend named Ella. Like many children so often do, Ella felt afraid to raise her hand to ask questions or express her thoughts in class. I wanted to help her feel brave, safe, and comfortable within herself and within her community of brilliant little minds. “Ella,” I said one  afternoon after school. “If you can notice all the times this week that you feel brave, I’ll make you a surprise.”

Poof! myHeartyKid was born. It started with a single, hand-sewn toy, which became a friend and a symbol of comfort and self-love. The toy was shaped just like a kid with a BIG heart head.  Along with Ella, became the original myHeartykid. Around its neck, the little toy wore a pocket in which Ella could place intentions and dreams. Ella felt so supported in her newfound courage that my own kids began asking for help from myHeartyKid to achieve their goals and dreams.  

Over the following weeks and months, myHeartyKid grew from a single toy into a powerful tool for developing kids’ awareness of their inner feelings and manifesting positive self-love!

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Ella heart girl
Ella, the original HeartyKid

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