BIGLove In Action

A year or so ago I helped a friend* take the courageous step in which they asked for positive reflections from friends, family, and colleagues. This was a huge leap for him. We called it ‘BIGlove.’ The remarkable response left the rest of the group open-hearted and believing in the importance of communicating our love and care for one another.

I have carried on this practice, and it is what I officially call BIGlove: finding common love in uncommon places. I see hearts all over and then post photos online of them (incessantly). Many people have told me this is a delightful post in their feeds everyday.

I also send these hearts out into the world as an Intentional Healing HeART practice. It is a simple way to let people know I am thinking of them without needing anything in return.

I just finished writing a children’s book about this very same thing. In the book I teach kids how to focus their minds on BIGlove rather than fear. It has been a labor of love. I have let many talented editors have at it. And now, finally, the writing is complete (until new editors tell me otherwise). My next steps are finding another illustrator and then self-publishing. I will share it here soon as my next BRAVE & Bold step going forward.

The Hearty-Kid toys are also for sale. They are a comforting toy that can be used in many ways. Check them out at my Etsy shop and on myHeartyKid website. Many Hearty-Kid owners claim the toy has helped them navigate anxiety, fear and grow self love – hallelujah.

What are you working on that needs a Brave and Bold step forward? How can I support you? Please feel free to reach out if fear and anxiety is dampening your joy. I am happy to have a conversation to help in any way I can.

I will soon be hosting a webinar to help jump-start new ways of dealing with anxiety – I think it’s kicking many of us in the you-know-what.

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