The birth of myHeartyKid

I created myHeartyKid as a way of supporting a little girl I love, and to help her to feel courageous.

When Ella was in kindergarten, she felt afraid to raise her hand in class. She wanted to overcome her fear and I wanted to help her do this so she could know how it is to be BRAVE. I told Ella, “I don’t think feeling afraid is bad, though I am concerned with the discomfort that your fears cause you. I encouraged her to write down all the times she was courageous during the week, and for accomplishing that I would make her a surprise. By the end of the week, Ella had remembered lots of times she had acted bravely. She was eagerly awaiting her surprise!

This surprise I created had a BIG HEART for its head. It was very bright, colorful, and had a small pocket around the neck where she could put secret notes. On the pocket, it said “I AM BRAVE”! Poof! myHeartyKid was born.

myHeartyKid was so good at supporting Ella in her newfound courage that my own kids began asking for help from myHeartyKid to achieve what they wanted. Over the following weeks and months, myHeartyKid grew from a single toy into a powerful tool for developing kids’ awareness of their inner feelings and for manifesting positive self-love!
I felt inspired to share Ella’s newfound courage and love with other children. Her powerful transformation inspired me to make that available to other kids and their families by developing the myHeartyKid toy and creating this guidebook to support teachers, parents and anyone who has kids in their lives. It helps them in seeing who these kids truly are inside their HEARTS! I love teaching people how to talk to kids about what is REAL and AUTHENTIC about themselves.

I hope myHeartyKid helps kids grow a great love for themselves and one another.

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